TopicBowling Knee Brace - Finding the One You Need - Special Report

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 5:03am

    These steps should seem obvious, but in today's overly Drinking Water busy world, they're often overlooked. They shouldn't be, because they could make the difference between your child enjoying a healthy school year and being continuously ill from now until next summer.

    #1 - Get enough sleep. With kids having to get up super-early to catch busses, attending after school activities, and doing homework, it doesn't leave much time to spend with the family, let alone sleep. You as the parent need to insist - even if it means cutting back on extra curricular activities.

    #2 - Eat breakfast. Every body needs some fuel to start the day. So even if you're all in a rush in the morning, make sure the kids get something nutritious. Not junk food - but something good for them. If all else fails, get some (real) juice or milk in small containers and keep boiled eggs and some fruit handy to grab and go.

    #3 - Substitute real food for the junk food in your house. Cut back their intake of sugar - both natural and artificial. Prepare meals from scratch and avoid the processed stuff that's full of preservatives and who knows what other body-draining ingredients. Kids really can get through the day without soda pop, candy bars, and chips. You just have to show them how good they feel when they eat well. For greater cooperation, enlist their help with planning the shopping and cooking.

    #4 - Teach the kids to wash their hands regularly. Schools are so filled with germs that if we could see them we'd run away screaming. Just think how many children are sent to school ill - and how often they touch the same things your kids are touching. Put some antiseptic wipes in their back packs too - and stress the importance of using them when they can't get to a sink and a bar of soap.



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