TopicHow To Deal With Excruciating Pain In Your Shoulder

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 5:46am

    Do enzymes help relieve osteoarthritis; the more common type? You bet. Dr. Cichoke reports a test of 80 patients who suffered from Back Pain osteoarthritis of the knee. Half received an enzyme formula and half were treated with a leading prescription pain reliever called diclofenac. The enzymes proved just as effective as the drug in relieving pain by day or by night, at rest or in motion.The Germans have also studied healthy athletes to see if enzyme therapy relieves pain and swelling and speeds up healing. The results were startling.In a study of a hundred athletes, half took placebo and the other half an enzyme formula. More than three out of four of those on the enzymes rated the results as "good." Only 14% of those on the placebo were willing to say the same thing.

    Neither group knew which pills they'd received. The Germans have really taken the results to heart. According to Karen DeFelice, German and Austrian teams training for the Olympics consume "millions of enzyme capsules." Dr. Cichoke says it's common for German prize fighters to take enzymes to prevent injuries and speed up recovery.Drugs merely mask the pain, but enzymes get at the root cause and actually heal the underlying problem.The non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS that most of us take for pain are not healing drugs. In fact, they can be very damaging, even fatal, if taken over the long-term, the way many arthritis patients do.NSAIDs block our response to pain so we don't feel it, but do little or nothing to heal the pain or injury.Athletes have good reason to know this. Sure, they want to stop the pain, as most of us do but their most important goal is getting back on the field. When it comes to speeding up recovery, more and more athletes are finding that enzymes are clear winners over pain drugs.


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