Topic The Beginning of Success

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 10:39am

    We all have imagination but to achieve anything in life you have got to imagine yourself in a position of Reality Bending Secrets power, in control of your destiny. For example, in possession of your dream car. Imagination is the seed that when planted sets out your course for achieving your goals. If you put as much detail into your imagination you will have a clearer insight to your goal.

    Hope is the next step. You may have imagined yourself in a position of power but without hope it will remain just a dream. Hope is the foundation for all of your provisional desires and it is an essential trait.

    Once again imagination and hope sets you on the right path but without desire you will not get very far. Therefore, you must desire your goals with a passion and urgency propelling you forward.

    You can possess all of the desire imaginable but without faith your efforts will be limited. You must have unbounded faith in yourself and your own ability to reach your chosen goals in life. It is faith that has driven people through the ages to unbelievable feats of accomplishment and not only achieved greatness for themselves but others around them.

    All of this coupled with unquenchable enthusiasm will assure that any quest you set out to accomplish can be reached.

    Enthusiasm ensures that giving up is not an option and to remain focused on your goals in life will ensure that you will be rewarded.

    With these five qualities you have the foundation to achieve anything you desire. But all five must be developed. By developing just two or three will only guarantee failure so all five must be analysed in your mind and developed until you can begin to see the results that will come from the countless hours of hard work.



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